Thursday, December 22, 2011


The first time I ever heard the word "Re-Gifting" was about 8 years ago when a neighbor used the word.  She described how she kept most gifts she was given for special occasions (Christmas, birthdays, etc) and then re-wrapped the ones for which she had no use and presented them to friends at a later date. 

I guess there is a rationale for such practice.  I mean, if I receive a gift that I don't want or need, doesn't it make sense to give that gift to someone who does want it?

Sounds good, right?

Well, maybe not.

What happens when the person who originally gave the gift finds out that you thought so little of it that you gave it to someone else?  Or, what happens when the person to whom you re-gifted the present finds out that you didn't really get the gift for them? 

I am reminded of the growing practice of re-gifting around Christmas time.  In  fact, a few years ago yours truly re-gifted an item.   The occasion did not turn out well at all.

I thought I was being really cute and creative.  My sister-in-law presented me with a package of monogrammed handkerchiefs at the Christmas day family gathering.  I thanked her.  But, since I really don't use handkerchiefs---preferring instead to carry Kleenex tissue---I thought it might be pretty funny to quickly re-wrap her gift and present them to my dad, who does use handkerchiefs.

So, I ran to the basement and re-wrapped the hankies and attached a card for him to open---"From Clint to Dad".  Ha................NOT.

He opened the package in front of the family and the fun began.  My sister-in-law got her feelings hurt.  My dad was embarrassed.  My wife had a fit.  I don' re-gift any more.

Do you have a re-gifting story?


  1. Smiling at your situation! Yes I have regift a few times...but never in the same season...I will wait a couple of years...or another gift giving celebration and "not" within the same close knit circle < I might add > ...regift ...
    For the most, I always enjoy my christmas gifts but there is always "one" gift that you think what in the world is this, or what in the world would I want this for, or what were they thinking....nice but where did you find this gifts....but later down the road you discover oh that Christmas gift would fit perfect in this circumstance, situation or with "this" is not a acting practice of mine, but I have regift and probably will again!

  2. You have a very nice sister-in-law.

  3. Um, I think you did the re-gifting slightly wrong. I do not think the re-gifting should happen in a matter of minutes ;)

  4. I don't have a story...but love your!
    Merry Christmas!!

  5. Thanks for the chuckle, Clint.....I would have at least saved them for his birthday unless it is within two weeks of Christmas. :) Wishing you and Cindy a very blessed Christmas and New Year ahead.

  6. I've thought about regifting sometimes, but have never done it. I give what I know I won't use to Goodwill, I'm sure someone will pick up the item and put it to good use... or that's what I tell myself. Yours was a total oops, live and learn Clint, live and learn! :-)

  7. *laughing*, I never regift. Once I've got a ugly figurine, and ups...I had to clean and it broke ;-)


  8. Ouch, that did not work out.
    I have recieved pretty sad regifts,it was easy to see how the original person didn't want them.
    I have regifted, but I told both parties what I was doing. Hopefully no one was hurt.
    Now I do read a book I have bought for someone before I give it. Does that count as regifting or just cheap?

  9. Oops, did you have the grace to blush.?

    Happy Christmas Clint.


  10. Well! You learned your lesson the hard way didn't you. ROTFL

  11. Hi Clint... been months since I was last here. But I always enjoy a good visit. Regifting is a practical way of passing on a potential white elephant, if intentions are good, and you are sure nobody will get hurt in the process. I am sure it happens all the time, even here. What my friends and I do is have a regifting gift giving... so everybody knows what's going on. It's more fun that way, if it is out in the open.

    Your story - it's understandable. You are right not to "re-give" in that case.

    Wishing you and Cindy a blessed, quiet, and meaningful Christmas.


  12. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, your wife and family....from a friend Down Under :)

  13. ha! that's hilarious. i'm all for re-gifting, but i usually disclose that it was regifted.=) merry christmas, clint!

  14. I can't think of one now - but I can tell you this- you have to be careful - you can get into a lot of trouble if you aren't! Just stopping by to wish you a very Blessed Christmas for you and your family. Love, sandie

  15. I actually have never re-gifted, not that I haven't wanted to..ha.