Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa's Muslim Honor Killings.......

It was horrifying to read the headlines from Christmas Day in Grapevine, Texas.  A father dressed  as Santa arrived at the home of his family.  A few minutes later, all seven family members, including the killer, were dead from gunshot wounds.

When I first read the story, I could only wonder, Why?  I mean, absolutely no mention of motive was reported in the press.  A search of mainstream media, including television news channels and newspapers, yielded no mention of motive.  I thought that was very strange.  Now we apparently know the answer---it is reported by BLOGGERS!

"Mainstream media" will not touch this story.  Why?  Because it involves Muslims.  We musn't report the truth if it puts Muslims in a negative light.  It's OK to put Christianity in a negative light, but not Muslims.

You can check out this story through blogs like this one:

Through a Google search, you can find many blogs devoted to this issue.  If you like reading the truth, thank a Blogger.


  1. Thank you for posting the truth. Would you believe I was going to leave a comment on the Knoxville News Sentinel site regarding this story and the ability to leave comments has been disabled.

    hmmm ????

  2. Good Morning, Clint!!

    Wooowww!! I just can't believe what I'm reading.
    Thank you for posting the truth as Cindy states in her comment!! It's good to find out the real truth in the aftermath.
    By the way, thank you so much for taking your precious time to read my posts and offer your holiday greetings, Clint.
    You are an awesome blogger as well.
    Happy New Year to you, to your dear wife Cindy, and all your beloved ones!!
    Happy Holidays to one and all!!
    May you have joy, peace, love and showers of blessings on your way!!
    Best Regards,
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  3. Unbelievable about the MSM. But TOTALLY believable, if you know what I mean. *sigh*

    Sad thing is, the MSM and government has barred privacy and protection for bloggers who report such things. They can get thrown in the slammer for "libel" or "slander" without any of the protections given to the MSM media.

  4. What a terrible thing to happen....yet go unreported. Thanks for the truth Clint.


  5. What is reported by MSM is so slanted, so sterilized, so tweaked who knows what to believe anymore. Glad to read what the truth is.

    I rarely read mainstream news anymore and usually go to alternative sites for news.

  6. There is so much about Islam that muslims still have to learn. A lot of muslims do not see any other point of view besides what was taught. A lot of times teachings are not correct. There fore a lot of damage happens even to the extent of loss of life. I am a muslim and I am still trying to understand my religion even at my age. I have taught religious tollerance to my kids and I try to see the goodside of all religions as we all ultimately go the the same destination ie God.

  7. I couldn't agree more and thanks for sharing this site. The news won't report the truth at all. sandie

  8. Wow. The truth should be told and I wish one could trust the "media". It's so frustrating media shares only what is "wanted".
    Thanks for this Clint. For sharing.

  9. Thanks for sharing and telling.

    Greetings my friend

  10. Truth will set us free...this is why it is held captive by some of the others...

  11. Clint, you a faithful blogger who is a gift to blogland.

    This story is so terrible.

    We can thank bloggers who are courageous. Let's keep blogland alive and glowing for Jesus in 2012.

    And Clint, I couldn't let this year end without my dropping by here to let you know I am thankful to God for the gift of your friendship. I have no doubt that the New Year will usher in blessings of peace, joy, hope and provision for you and for me!


  12. Hello Clint, This is truely terrible, and so sickening. I feel so sorry for the family of this man, as he felt he was so right to do what he did. Supposedly, out of keeping the family honour.
    My book, that I have just published, touches a little on this, but from an'old southern Italian' cultural prospective. I lived in it, so I know the condemnation and the fear.
    However, please don't think all Italians are the same, they are not...and the older ones are mellowing.
    One thing it has done for me, is make me appreciate all I have in life and also bring me closer to a loving and forgiving God.
    This brought back bad moments for me. However, it is good for someone who isn't in a cultural bind to know and understand what it is all about. Happy New Year to you and Cindy.

  13. Oh my goodness, this is so horrific and sad. It's unbelievable that the media won't report on something like this, the world has every right to know what transpires in all communities in my opinion.

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