Monday, December 5, 2011

The Pothead Revisited.......

Mom Didn't Want Her Picture Taken
My mom came to visit us over the Thanksgiving holidays.  We had a blast.   But, the funniest moment came unexpectedly the first night she was with us.  Her bed was in the guest bedroom, and as she laid down, her head propped up on several pillows, she found that she was being stared at by an otherworldly piece of pottery known affectionately in our family as "The Pothead".

She said It Gave Her "The Willies".  Ha.
The Pothead was sitting on a bookcase across the room from her bed.  This eerie piece of pottery was made in school by my daughter, Diane, when she was about 12 years old.  The only thing that saved it from the trash heap was moi, who somehow fell in love with it and kept it as a treasured conversation piece. 

We Had to turn it Toward the Wall so She Could Sleep
My mom said the Pothead "gives me the willies", and instructed that it be turned around to face the wall so that she could sleep without being spooked. 

Now that mom has returned home, the beloved creation has been repositioned facing the open room. 


  1. LOL! i'd have probably turned it away from me too!

  2. You left out one of the most important stories behind this piece of "sculpture". We were told the piece started out to look like Mike Jagger!

    Hmmm, well...maybe it could be said the Pothead has Jagger's famous lips ... but that is all! ☺

  3. Ahhh Clint your Mom is so adorable. Can I adopt her?
    I don't blame her for "getting the willies" and feeling spooked.
    Anybody would in an unfamiliar room with Mr. Pothead gazing at her... Yikes !!!

  4. I am very impressed with how well the sculpture actually turned out. I guess I am the only one who thinks it is quite good for a twelve year old.

  5. I remember this vey funny pottery from an old post of yours.
    Wish you a very nice week!!

  6. Ha, that's a good one, Clint. My daughter had to have all her dolls and stuffed animals turned to face the wall every night because she didn't like the glow of the eyes that the night light gave them. Thankfully she grew out of it, hmmmm, as far as I know. I'll have to go check out her bedroom for things with eyes. Fun post!
    Carol Blackburn

  7. Your mom is sweet. I am not sure I would be any more comfortable with the back of the head. But it is quite original.

  8. I am so glad that you see the fine art in this ancinet sculpture that increases in value every year.

  9. ha! i love the lips. your mom seems like a lot of fun.=)

  10. Your post has brought a smile to my face :)

  11. LOL this is awesome! Now you know the next time your mother comes to spend the night to turn around the pothead before she retires for the evening... if you remember to do so! lol

    Mick Jagger, sure why not? ;-)

  12. A great post Clint, good that your mother visited you .


  13. *laughing* I can see you mom sitting in bed and staring at the face.

    I like the pot and good that you still keep it. He looks very funny to me.

    Greetings and hugs

  14. Hi Clint,
    I am glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Your dear mom looks so pretty!!...
    The pottery head is a lovely piece of Art.
    Paul has got a sculpture of a human head made in bronze. It is placed downstairs in his private office. It is much bigger though.
    Thank you for posting lovely photos, Clint!!
    Thank you also for visiting my sites and posting your kind comments!! Regards to Cindy.
    God bless you all!!
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  15. A funny story....and will go down as a treasure of experiences for Thanksgiving 2011...Happy Day Clint!

  16. :-) funny story and lovely fotos of your mum; I remember last year (christmastime) she don't want to be fotografed hehehehe

    so a happy family you have, I'm glad for you dear Clint

  17. Ha! I had a stuffed leopard when I was growing up that had eyes that glowed in the dark. I loved the leopard, but my mom had to turn it to face the wall at night because the eyes gave me the willies. So I understand!

  18. Hi Clint, I think your mum looks great for her age...and a real sweet person. I think I'd get the crreps with that looking at me in a shadowed room. I would have put a towel over it. BUT, it is a great creation.

  19. Hi Clint -

    All in one, we read about love for your daughter and love for your mother.

    Such a treat, dear brother.

    Thank you.

  20. Your mum looks really sweet! You are a blessed man. Thank you for sharing your life.