Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Worst Thing Anyone Has Ever Done To You.......

A while back I asked the question "What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?" 

Today, I pose the question "What is the meanest/worst/rudest thing anyone has ever done to you?

For me, I suppose it was those times I was cheated by someone I trusted.

How did you deal with it?  Were you able to completely put the incident in your past?  Were you truly able to forgive?  Did you learn from the incident and use that knowledge to help you in your future dealings with people?


  1. What is the worst thing anyone has ever done to me?

    I would not know where to begin.

  2. I have to agree with Cindy. Probably trusting the wrong guy when I was dating. Yes, it's in the past now. I forgive but there will always be a sense of suspicion now. Maybe that's a good thing.

  3. I could not think of any, honestly. Would I know how to deal with it when it finally happen, I wonder.

  4. The worst and most hurtful thing someone has done to me is the following: My son for no apparent reason to me sent me a text message saying "I don't have a mother, my children don't have a grandmother, you're going to die a lonely wicked old woman". That was 6 months ago and still no word the word HOPE is slowing getting smaller. but a mother's love never dies.

    Thanks for your good wishes much appreciated.

  5. I can't even post what the worst things some people have done to me. But they are forgiven, thanks to the love of Christ. :)

  6. the most hurtful thing has been being lied to. the truth, no matter how bad, would have been easier to forgive...

  7. I am not too much for vanity, but one of the things that hurt me a lot was when some people said that I was an ugly bride while I could easily hear them. One good outcome, I promised my self that I will win my husband's heart by my love and care if not by looks. Hi this is Munir over here at Focus. I am glad that I was able to get that out of my system.

  8. It's fresh, my Ex, when we seperated I've heard a lot of lies he has told, only to become the "good boy". I am so disapointed because I never said a bad word about him.

    Have a nice weekend, hopefully with sunshine


  9. Hi Clint! Thank you for the kind visit over at my blog ~ and the lovely comments!! It is much appreciated. Though, I am thinking of shutting my blog down because I can't keep up with it has exploded with "members."

    But to answer this post ~ I would have to be in agreement with your answer ~ being cheated on, or just treated unkindly by men. It seems that I can deal with most pain at a reasonable level ~ but pain from a"boyfriend" or "man" rejecting me seems to just slice me in two ~ boy, do I need the great Healer at those tender moments! I always love your posts and your blog ~ it is such a refreshing blessing~~ Have a blessed weekend!! ~ alice

  10. I recently lost a "friend" because of my chronic illness. Although I cannot always go out and do things, We did frequently invite her to our home for dinner and a movie. She told my husband she was becoming bored with this routine, and also insinuated that he was probably becoming bored with me! Geez. I had to let that friendship go. And I know in my heart now, she was not much of a friend...
    I guess some people just cannot be faced with the "it could happen to me" At least that is how I perceive it!

    I hope you and your wife have a wonderful weekend!
    xo, misha

    p.s. thank you for visiting so often! I really appreciate it. I am adding you to my sidebar so I can keep up here :)

  11. i'm grateful to say i haven't had anything that horrible done to me. i was cheated on years ago and it was painful, but now i see it was for the best. it wasn't a good relationship and that was the only way it would have ended. if we hadn't broken up, i wouldn't be with john today! so i see it as a blessing. i know now he did it for his own reasons, not really to hurt me, and i've forgiven him.

  12. I figured it would those times you were singing beautifully in the fellowship call and some weird guy started singing with you, off key and noisily.

  13. Hello Clint, I think when people are cruel or mean for no reason, it does hurt. My own two sisters and brother have come out of the woodwork to visit my mother now that her house has sold and new will written. I have always been close to her and they have pushed me away. So, I forgive them and still love them, BUT...I will let my hubby deal with them, if and when he has to. I refuse to act as they have.I have made sure my mother has everything she needs and is happy and thats all I care about. I experienced almost thirty years in a violent marriage so I seperate myself from evil people.

  14. Clint the absolute worst things I save for my psychiatrist. Seriously I don't have a psychiatrist but I've processed all of the horrific things which have happened to me, things I don't think are too appropriate to put here. I'll just say that one of the men did some time and not enough as far as I'm concerned.

    The biggest problem is that I tucked away the incident(s) in the past, they got stuffed into my subconscious memory and that was the worst thing to do. I never trusted nobody, not even myself and I didn't even know it... if that makes sense. Today I've forgiven, I had to in order to move forward in life and I've learned some valuable life lessons along the way.

    Have a blessed and wonderful Sunday.

  15. The years pass by and there are many people who are not as nice as they should be to myself and others, I hear it all the time.
    Personally I don't take much notice of people who have tried to be not nice to me. I turn a deaf ear, always have done and always will..guess it's my attitude and what I believe plus the way I was brought up, and my profession would have helped.
    I have spent a lot of hours 'helping people' from when I was a teenager to this date which will continue.
    We are all different, we all handle different situations differently... :)

  16. Time has erased many things. I love my life now, and everything that has happened to me has brought me here. So I am at peace with it all. Really.

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  18. I think personally, for whatever hurt that I may have gone thru, the most important thing is that I'll learn to forgive and forget, just like what Jesus did! What a great post you have! :D

    Anyway, I hope you can follow my blog at Christ is livin' God bless! :D