Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Dead Battery, A Haircut, A Mexican Dinner and a Happy Wife.......

Cindy Dreads Doctor Appointments
Because I am the paragon of husbandhood and an all around good guy, I volunteered to drive wifey to her doctor's appointment this morning at 8:00.  There was to be blood testing, lots of poking and prodding and such; and these sessions have proven over the years to be unpleasant and worrisome for my better half.  Thus, to somewhat lighten the load, I stepped in to do the driving.
Yup---It's Dead, All Right
When I started the car to drive her to the doc, I noticed a funny sound from the starter.  But, the engine started up, and I quickly forgot the strange noise.  Then, on the way to the clinic, we both noticed a weird, unidentifiable sound.  We couldn't tell if the noise was coming from our car's motor---and besides, it disappeared after a few seconds, so I thought no more about it.

When Cindy emerged from the clinic, she was all aglow from the news her doctor had given her---nice bloodwork, and a complete bill of good health.  She was elated.
A Happy Camper After a Good Check-Up
I turned the key in the ignition to return home.  There was a loud sound that shot from the engine---roughly like a ratcheting noise---that was unmistakably the sound of a dead battery.  Sigh.  We weren't going anywhere.

And to top it off, the car's alarm system took on a life of its own and began to HONK HONK HONK HONK uncontrollably.  This was especially maddening because the doctor and staff and patients of the clinic were getting PO'd at the clamorous alarm system right outside the office. 

AAA Arrived Very Quickly
I called AAA road service and within 30 minutes I had a new battery.  Whew.  The AAA guy told me batteries usually last 3 years---and mine was a little older than that.  OK---problem solved.

Then Cindy decided she wanted to celebrate her good health with a Mexican lunch.  So off we went to get her a chile relleno with taco and refried beans.  Aaahhhhh...nothing like a happy wife, I always say.
A Good Medical Check-Up Should Be Celebrated With.....Lots Of Mexican Food!

Next up, we went to get my hair cut.  After all, no less an authority than my mom (whom we visited over the weekend) told me it needed a trimmin'.  Suzie at SportClips does my hair these days, and she accomplished the job in short order. 

Then, we headed home, where it was siesta time following our Mexican repast.  It was only noon, but it was already a good day.


  1. How wonderful Doctor visit and yummy food! Sorry to hear about the battery. We just placed Terel's a few weeks ago and need to replace mine soon. Mine is real real old - oops! Nice haircut! Give Cindy some big hugs from me!

  2. You're so funny Clint! Love your sharing your day with us! Sounds like a day we've ALL HAD! LOL! Happy to hear Cindy's clean bill of health and maybe even happier you guys ate that MEXICAN FEAST! Looks DELISH!!!!! Nice hair ...looks like it's still mostly all there! LOL! Wish I could say the same for my hubby!

  3. YAY for a happy doc visit....Cindy is beautiful!
    And there IS nothing better than a happy wife...even I agree:)
    The other day I left my cousin's place at 5am in order to get to a race start time in the mountains by 7. My alarm went off. Not once. Or twice. But 3 times...while I was packing the car. I beetled out of there before her neighbors started yelling at me too loudly. I hope I can be a bit more patient with accidental horn honkers. Ha! As long as they shut it off quickly;DD
    Nice hair Clint!

  4. The loud horn honking was the worst part of the ordeal. I had expected to hear the words "electrical problems" when the horn started honking. I was happy when the AAA guy said it was the security system "resetting" itself because of the battery work being done. Whew! (Electrical trouble to me translates to lots of $$$$.)

    It was a good and different day, we did get some things accomplished! BTW, thanks for offering to drive me yesterday, I needed you for moral support unrelated to my "white coat syndrome"! ♥

  5. 2 happy campers with full bellies and hurray for AAA!

  6. Hey, I had a doctors appointment this morning and I didnt get a mexican lunch! Of course I didnt have a dead battery either, so maybe that evens it out.

  7. ...good news from the doc, good "operation" for the car, good food for the stomach and at finally a good hair cut....

    A perfect day :-)))

  8. Good news for Cindy, not so good for the car, lovely food and a tidying of the hair.
    A good day all round.


  9. Triple AAA Quad
    A on the Dr. Report for that cute wifey
    A on the Mexican feast for you both
    A on the haircut for you
    A for Triple A

  10. Oy! Ever have one of those days with the car? Congrats on the good checkup Cindy! And Clint, it was pretty cool that you would go with her : )

  11. Is great but if one has such a good road assistance. The food was good hopefully.
    Greetings Sabine♥

  12. Thank God for AAA! They've come to my rescue many a time.

    I'm glad Cindy received a good report from the doctor. :-)

    Take care and have a great week.


  13. Good news Cindy. Too bad about the car but that gave you more time together. Love the haircut. B

  14. great photos of the two of you! glad to hear it was good news from the doc. that was very sweet of you to take cindy, but i wonder if you knew the trip would lead to a yummy lunch...=)

  15. Whoever said retirement was easy. Every day a challenge and everyday a reward. How come you didn't post YOUR lunch?

  16. Congrats to Cindy for the great checkup, for keeping the economy going with your repairs, and for cleaning up good.
    All considered, barring the horn incident, not a bad day.
    Arkansas Patti

  17. Sounds like you guys had quite the adventurous day! Glad Cindy got a clean bill of health... I find it very funny about the honk honk honk. (Probably woundn't be as funny if it had been me) Glad to hear you had such a great start to the day! God bless!

  18. So thankful to hear of the good bill of health.

    Ah, car battery woes. Thank you, Jesus, for AAA. :)

  19. HOORAY for a good report from the doctor visit, HOORAY you are good to go for another three years in your vehicle, and HOORAY for Mexican Food....always a comfort rewarding food! HOORAY for the nice trim Suzie did an excellent job...ever so handsome....it's a good life!

  20. Now that's how all days should go, minus the dead battery of course. If you were due to have a glitch in your day at least it was a minor glitch..........:)