Friday, February 4, 2011

Those Texas Winters....

This Picture Of Cindy Was Taken 5 Days Ago---The Temps Reached 75 Degrees.  If You Don't Like The Weather Here In Texas, Just Wait A Minute.
Here in the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex, we went from 70+ degree weather on Sunday to 14 degree temps on Tuesday---along with 50 MPH gusts, snow, sleet and lightning.  It's called a blizzard.  The temps are still well below freezing.  My pool pump has run continuously for 60 hours, with no letup in sight.

Looking East From Our Front Porch

 Then, last night, we got more snow.  It does look pretty.

Looking West From Our Front Porch
But, it is also deadly---the roads are iced up.  I had to go to the grocery store and run a couple of errands yesterday.  I thought the roads would be all right once I got out of the neighborhood, but I was wrong.

A View Out Our Patio Window At 7:00 AM Today
Even the heaviest travelled roads are heavily iced.  I could not drive over 25 MPH.  Cindy went with me, and she is not good at walking on ice.  When we got to the store, the parking lot was dangerously slick.  She was afraid to try to walk even a few feet to the safety of the sidewalk, even with me holding her up and encouraging her.

What it took was a nice man who we did not know---he took her arm and led her to the dry walkway.  Why would she trust a stranger and not me?

Another Patio View
Then, coming back out, the same thing happened.  I was trying to help her walk about five feet, and she would not budge---that is, until a total stranger---another very nice man, came by and took her arm and she willingly allowed him to guide her to safety.

Poor me---a prophet without honor.  Ha.


  1. Haha I will let you in on a secret from women. If you'd helped her, and she fell, she'd be mad at you for life. So... by letting a stranger help her she was preserving the marriage and showing how much she loves you. :)

  2. Karen---You are wise. Thanks for letting me in on how women think. I've never been good at figuring that stuff out. Mum's the word. Thank you!

  3. Wow, no one is safe from this horrid winter. Stay safe.

  4. Very pretty indeed. The snow looked so white and soft. Like icing on a cake. As to your wife letting a nice man took her arm, I think she just didn't want to be rude to say no to a nice man.

  5. LOL! Just like advice - we won't trust that from someone close to us, but will eagerly accept it from strangers or Dr. Phil...

  6. Yes,
    I got the picture.
    Cindy with all those strangers trusting them to
    safe her...
    Poor little you!
    Wish you both a very safe weekend.

  7. I will be the first to admit I am paranoid about falling. It could have something to do with at least three potentcially serious falls I have had since we've lived in Texas.

  8. Ocean Girl---I hope she knows how to say "no" when she needs to say "no"!

  9. Texwisgirl---YES! This is a phenomenon I have noticed over and over. Go figure.

  10. Monika---Yes! I want sympathy!

  11. Cindy---Potencially or potentially, we don't want to fall. Unless, of course, it is into the arms of a stranger? :)

  12. Your photo's gave me the shivers, reminded me of last Nov/Dec when we had a b ad spell of snow.
    I hope it won't snow in Nashville when I get there.

    Have a good week-end.


  13. Take care of you. Have a nice weekend.
    Greetings Sabine.

  14. How much snow Clint! Here in Sardinia today 22 ° C, 71.6 ° F
    Ahh, do not worry, even I don't know the psychology of women :-)))

    Hug for you and Cindy!

  15. Yvonne---I have a feeling that you are going to have a wonderful time in Music City, regardless of the weather!

    Franz---I'm not even sure that women know the psychology of women! Blessings.

  16. Do you have life insurance policies for her in your name :-). It's too late to help with this storm but if it happens again a shopping cart offers help and balance in icy parking lots. Have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  17. Mary---I guess I could put her in a shopping cart and push her around. Heh heh.

  18. Iam starting to freeze *smile*

    I've heard on the news of the winter and hope it will not get worse.

    Take care and have a nice weekend.


  19. Thank you, Petra. Have a great weekend!

  20. Hi Clint -

    But we know who Cindy came home with - you!

    You are a Cindy magnet, man!

  21. Haven't been in for awhile and catching up. Seen Texas was having a "Blue Norther", it is bad. But at least you had a 70 degree day. Here it is a blue norther everyday. We are suppose to have a warmup tomorrow, of 30 degrees. We shall see, last night it was -5 below without the wind chill.