Friday, February 18, 2011

On The Move In The Dark...

A Dark Moon Plays Hide-and-Seek Behind Scudding Clouds
I was up early.  Cindy was still in the bed.  I brewed some strong java and slowly drank it down, its warmth radiating through my core.  I looked at the clock in the dimly lit room.  It was 5:30.  Still quite dark outside.  I grabbed my trusty camera and entered the rear patio area, unlatched the gate and emerged into the alley.

 The low, dark scudding clouds concealed the moon.  It was eerily quiet, except for the slight rustle of leaves in the trees.
Legacy Drive at 5:40 AM
My feet began to move---across  Quarry Chase, turning left toward Legacy.  The still dark homes stood like old tombstones in the night, concealing their inhabitants from passers-by like me.

Almost Deserted Shopping Center at 5:50 AM
My pace quickened, turning right on Legacy and pounding 1/2 mile to the big shopping center, passing the shadowy creek, turning again on Independence.  The cool, 65 degree breeze felt good against my now perspiring skin.

Someone Drove Through The Brick Wall
I saw where someone had driven through the brick wall along the roadway. 

Independence Drive At 5:58 AM
I passed the library.  I saw two other walkers and we passed like ships at sea in the night.  The elementary school stood expectantly, awaiting the dawn and the rush of children.  But for now, it was deserted.
The Pool Was Inviting at 6:12 AM, But Still Too Cold To Swim
Up the opposite direction on Quarry Chase and into the dark alley to our rear gate.  The pool looked inviting in the night, its submerged lighting beckoning, but the water is still too cold for a swim.
A Lone Lamp Signals That All Is Well---Welcome Home!
The back of our darkened home awaited my return, a lone lamp signaling that all is well. 


  1. It was so good to know you had walked this morning. Your photographs turned out good! Well ... I don't have time to write much more on here, now is it my turn to walk. :-)

  2. I took some photos of the moon the other night too. It's been beautiful!

  3. I love those long quiet walks :) Gives us a glimpse of life we wouldn't otherwise get to see.
    Happy Friday to you and yours! Love the pics~

  4. These are great shots! Thanks for sharing them. You had quite an adventure out there. :)

  5. I love to walk with camera in hand, I usually walk along the beach where the atmosphere is magical.
    Love your post, good to read.


  6. Pre-dawn hour is my favorite, but I wouldn't dare go outside the house, I would just sit and look out the window.

  7. Thanks for the impressions. I love the early morning, it's so peaceful and quiet.

    Have a beautiful weekend

  8. Petra---please know that I cannot comment on your blog---something is preventing me from sending anything to you. I am sorry!

  9. It is lovely to have the town to yourself at that hour of the morning. Your photos were terrific. I hope you saved a cup of that coffee for Cindy. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. I love the photos. At this time I'm sleeping.
    Many greetings Sabine

  11. Such a wonderful way to start your just feel you have a head start on the day! A great way to clear the mind while at the same time giving you so much to what is that wall's story???