Sunday, February 6, 2011


$1,100 Just To Park Near The Stadium?
Now, please don't get me wrong.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I love sports---especially football and baseball.  A love of sports began early in my life and has continued.

But there is something very, very wrong about sports today, especially in America.

I am reminded of that in a very big way today---the Super bowl will be played this evening in Cowboy's stadium in Dallas.  Two excellent representatives of their respective conferences will play for the title.  The game itself should be thrilling.

$25,000 Per Ticket Near the 50 Yard Line?

---Cost of a Super Bowl ticket:           $2,700 to $25,000
---Parking ticket:                                      $55 to $1,100
---Ticket to view game from parking lot TV screen:  $200 to $750
---1 slice of Papa John's pizza:                                   $9
---Hot dog:                                                                  $6
---16 oz Miller Lite:                                                    $10
---Margarita:                                                               $19
---Packer or Steeler jersey:                                         $60 to $85
$85 for a Shirt?  What if People Just Gave the Money to Charity and Made a Difference in Someone's Life?
This is obscene.  Not only can I think of better ways to spend money (on charity, for example), but I know that God cannot be pleased when He sees this indulgence and waste. 

Your thoughts, please.


  1. You know my thoughts since we have talked about it often! Hard to believe.

  2. A big AMEN to that! I truly don't like the greed associated with pro sports - the players, the franchises, the leagues, etc. etc. We could solve this nation's debt if we sliced pro athletes' pay in half (and they'd still make more than most of us!) I know they take risks with their bodies and health. But no more than a soldier in any army...

  3. Of course, that pro athletes' paycut would have to go towards something WORTHWHILE - like food, housing, medical care...

  4. Even in Europe is not very different the Soccer takes away a lot of money,for the final of Campion's League 2010 Tickets cost $ 500 up to $ 18,000!
    Absurd, with so many people dying of hunger!
    What a world!

  5. As the only Pittsburgher who feels this way, I find it awful. We have had at least 4 pep rallies here that 1000's of people attended each time. Yet when it comes time to stand up to some of the awful things happening in this country like food safety, poverty, etc, no one cares. Pittsburgh is a bankrupt city. No one would assemble for that. What does that say about us as a culture.

  6. It's the same here in the UK Clint, what they charge for sports gear is very expensive also to get into a soccer match, Yet years ago when my youngest son left school he was an apprentice soccer player and went on to play professional until a smashed ankle ended his carear but the price then was very reasonable , the whole family could spend a Saturday afternoon at a match quite cheaply.


  7. I just wonder if we're going to have to hear about the Super Bowl in the weeks following as we have heard the last few weeks. I just can't understand the big hooplah about a football game.

  8. It is shocking, to say the least. It makes me appreciate other cultures so much more where there are no finances what-so-ever, just their passion for the sport.

  9. I really am a rotten person. My solution is to say "no" or if I'm in a good humor "no, thanks". I also think prices like this are obscene. No that we've solved that problem, I hope your team wins. Enjoy the game. Blessings...Mary

  10. Wow...does it cost that much!!! I guess I will be satisfied by just setting in my recliner chair and watch it on TV. I am thinking that God would probably not mind if someone chooses to spend thier entertainment money on the Super Bowl as long as it didn't take away from the family or His church. Blessings my friend. Lloyd

  11. I see it just like you. For sure the costs are high, but you only have to look at the money what the sportlers gets.

    If all fans will be on strike, maybe it will bring a change.

    Have a nice day and take care.

  12. Hi dear clint,
    I agree with you, in Italy too football is not more like once upon a time,
    now it is really only business... with to many foreings playning,

    I don't like this because it is really only business

  13. I totally agree with you!

    Have a nice day! :-)

  14. I agree, this is absolutely insane! I would never spend that kind of money simply to WATCH any sporting event!

    Not only do I have an issue with the prices you mentioned, but I have a philosophical issue with becoming too wrapped up in what other people are doing/playing and not living your own life.

    Everything in moderation.