Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Facing Your Giants

I was up early. I was looking forward to my Tuesday morning meeting with my tight-knit group of men friends for our prayer breakfast.  It seemed I got stopped at every stop light on my way, but I still arrived at the Corner Bakery ahead of everyone else at 6:45.
Aaaahhhhhhh!......My First Hot, Strong Mug Of Black Coffee
Bill and Chuck couldn't make it today, but Terry, Darrel, Paul and Michael joined me.  Most of them ordered a paninni to go with their morning joe, but I was content to make quiet love to my mug of hot, bubbly, strong black coffee as we chatted.

Max Lucado's Book Tells Us How To Beat The Unbeatable Giants in Our Lives
After catching up on what we all had been doing since we last met, we began our discussion of the first two chapters of Max Lucado's book, "Facing Your Giants".
Michael Brought His NOOK, With "Facing Your Giants" Downloaded and Stored
This is a wonderful read.  We began by recounting the story of David and his battle with Goliath.  Mr Lucado points out that this complete mismatch would have been over with very quickly except for one deciding factor:  David's complete disregard for Goliath and his complete faith in God.

In short, when we put our faith in God and not in our own "abilities", we allow miracles to happen in our lives. 

Goliath was a seemingly unbeatable giant.  What are the unbeatable giants in your life?


  1. When My confidence took a nosedive years ago I took to reading self help books, here was I for the first time in my life totally alone. Mother gone also Husband shortly after, the children had flown the nest in fact one had moved to Spain. However these books along with cds were a Godsend and slowly my confidence was on the way up and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. All was well with myself until 18months ago I had to have a routine woman's cancer test.....of the cervix, the result was abnormal and a visit to the hospital was requited, I have not got cancer but cells that could led to it. I have to have 6 monthly checks all still abnormal......no worse but none the less still there. My unbeatable giant is FEAR OF THE BIG C, I saw my husband passaway with cancer also my eldest son is still having 6 monthly checks after bladder cancer, I can be positive about everything else but this unbeatable giant rears it's ugly head now and again.

    Found your post very interesting and enjoyed the read.


  2. Thank you, Yvonne. I sympathize in the deepest way. I do know that Satan places worry upon us and thus we become separated from God. It's so odd, because we all know that worry does absolutely nothing to help our condition. In fact, it hurts us deeply because it paralyzes our faith in Him. God bless you, and thank you for your faithful comments. Much love.

  3. Unbeatable giant- Monsanto. And I have to have faith that something will be able to take this monster down.

  4. I'm thinking, I'm thinking :-). Now to move from your provocative question to another you asked about the skillets. Not all skillets or frying pans have handles that can handle to heat of the oven. Most teflon pans were not designed for use with oven temps over 450 degrees. So not all pans are created equal, but it is hard to go wrong with a well-seasoned cast iron pan. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. my most recent giant is business travel which sometimes prevents me from meeting and connecting with my brothers....I thougt Michael was still backwards with his iPhone and now I learn he has a Nook...wow!!

  6. Jane---Funny, because I just looked up their website and they say they are all about helping farmers. That's THEIR side of the story. Sigh.

  7. Chuck---I've about forgotten what you look like. Was it something I said?

  8. Hi Clint

    Max Lucado is one of my favorite authors :-)

    No big bully giants are picking on me at this point and time in my life. But I know WHO to trust when they come.


  9. Awesome post! Thanks so much for this. I think my biggest giant is myself. I get insecure and wonder if I can really do what I want to. When I focus on myself I think there's no way I can set up a new business in photography, writing, or art. When I focus on God- it's like David, I can do anything!

  10. Hello Clint, you prompted a thought and I am thinking. I don't think I have one big giant to overcome but I do continuously pray that I continue to surrender completely to God's power and will.

  11. Sometimes to plan something and then to postpone it.

    Thanks for thinking about it.

    Bless you and greetings

  12. The fear of illness in my family..
    Unbeatable every day!!
    Greetings from Athens.

  13. Another great post :-} I couldn't agree with Karen more. I have the very same thoughts myself.

    Days like this remind me that I can do anything!

    Thanks for posting Clint :) Happy Wednesday to your and yours!

  14. Your prayer breakfast sounds like such a wonderful meeting!!

    I have never yet read a Lucado book.... just like I have never tried guacamole!

  15. Hi Clint -

    David and Goliath is one of my favorite Bible stories. Yes, Goliath certainly underestimated David. I wrote a piece on that account some time ago and may re-post it one day.

    Thank you, Clint, for sharing this.