Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Get the picture:

I made myself a shrimp po-boy sandwich for dinner in the kitchen as Cindy busied herself by putting together her own dinner---a salad with shrimp and some garlic bread.  As yours truly finished the construction of said sandwich (which was delicious, I might add), I moved to my comfortable leather chair for a gander at the evening news as I prepared to make love to my shrimp-tomato-mayo-lettuce-green onion and rye bread masterpiece.

Ahhhhh.....sitting down, I draped a bib over my chest and slowly took a small bite, testing the flavor.....perfect!  Next, a swig of cold green tea washed the mouthful down into my innards and I was in heaven.

AHHHHH!!!!   FIRE!!!!  My eyes shot kitchenward and I saw a burst of flames erupt from the toaster where the Cinderoo was preparing her garlic bread.  I started to spring from my chair to address the problem, but the flames immediately died down as she closed the toaster door. 

She immediately unplugged the toaster.  I figured there had been some sort of a malfunction of its heating element, because the toaster was about ten years old and had been used extensively over the time we had owned it.

Just as I settled back down for another bite, thinking the crisis was over, flames again erupted from the implement.  Well, I thought, Cindy can handle it...she was standing right there.  But, there was a problem...my wife had gone into panic mode and did not seem able to think.  This time, the flames had no intention of dying down, as they were obviously feeding off the bread Cindy had put into the toaster.

So, as I watched this drama unfold before me, I had to make a decision.  Now, please realize that I was in the middle of eating a really delicious shrimp po-boy and the last thing I wanted to do was get up from my comfy perch in my favorite chair.  The flames were growing, now licking the bottom of the cabinets above the toaster.  It was not a pretty sight.

For those of you not in the know, it only takes a few seconds for a hot fire under cabinets to quickly involve the entire house in flames.

So, again I had to make a lightning-fast decision:  Do I ruin my delicious meal and get up to put the fire out, or do I use this as a "teaching moment" for my wife, who was wringing her hands in a stupor as the house was beginning to burn down.

I chose the latter course of action.


NOTE:  the fire extinguisher was 18 inches from the toaster on the countertop where we always keep it. 

Now shaken from her immobility, the Lady of the House grabbed the extinguisher and quickly doused the flames.

This Is How Close The Toaster Is To The Fire Extinguisher...
By now, a thick white smoke filled the house and every fire alarm we own was screaming bloody murder.

The fire now extinguished, woman began opening doors and windows to clear the smoke.  Meanwhile I continued to make love to my po-boy.  Man, that was a good sandwich!

Woman was not so fortunate with her own dinner, however.  It seems she ruined her garlic bread, shrimp and salad when she turned the fire extinguisher loose on aforementioned fire.  She ended up eating some cereal for dinner. 

It was a little later that I found out that wife thought I had behaved very badly in the crisis.  She actually thought I didn't care if the house burned down as long as I got to eat my delicious po-boy uninterrupted.  Well maybe there is a little truth to that  (just kiddin')........

I tried to explain to the dear lady that I do care about preserving our happy home, but that I also thought she needed to learn how to respond to a fire.  After all, maybe the next time I wouldn't be present to take care of things, and this was a perfect time to help her learn how to use a fire extinguisher. 

It took a few hours for her to begin to agree that maybe it was indeed a good idea that she responded to the crisis by herself because she DID learn what to do if it ever happened again.

Some time was required to clean up the mess from the extinguisher.  We are now in the market for a new toaster.  We replaced the fire extinguisher yesterday.

We Are Now In The Market For A New Toaster

I think she still loves me.

Seriously---if you do not have a fire extinguisher in your home, please get one.  When you need it, YOU NEED IT.  A good one costs about $20.  There is no excuse.


  1. well, i'm seeing some logic to your excuse, but i do believe there was some selfish motive to it... :) glad all things worked out!

  2. Glad everything is ok, Clint. Cindy is very forgiving. It might sound very old fashioned but I still believe a woman likes to think her man would protect her at all costs. I know I do and I am a very independent woman and can handle things when I am alone.

  3. Too funny at the same time I would probably acted the same way as Cindy. The other day Terel ended up burning his bagel in our toaster but luckily he caught it before any flames erupted. Our new fire alarm works well for even just smoke. We do need a fire extinguisher so I have reminded him just now. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Oh well...what a day. Thank's God it turns out that way and yes, it is good to have a fire extinguisher in the house. So fast something can happen and than it could be too late without one.

    Hope you both find a good new toaster, and if you are gentleman: you make a good garlic bread for Cindy tonight *smiling*

    Greetings and take care

  5. hahahehehoho! boy was that a funny story! i'm glad the fire didn't get out of control! we keep our fire extinguisher close-by too.

    toaster ovens can be dangerous! years ago i set my mother's on fire heating up a pop-tart. she also thought i responded poorly as i stood there and laughed my butt off.=)

  6. My Brother in law was the deputy fire marshal for Pittsburgh for 15 years. He said that toaster ovens like your are the cause of more fires than you can imagine. He made us throw ours out years ago. Just something to think of when shopping. You may want to try a safer appliance.

  7. Did you offer her half of your poorboy?

  8. Fire is terrible and terrifying, no wonder Cindy froze.. Glad you got it out and that all is well.
    A fire blanket is also a great fast tool.

  9. I can't help but laugh, sorry Cindy. This reminds me that a fire extinguisher is needed in my home, it's one of those things I keep forgetting but after this story (hopefully I'll remember when I get home in June) I'm going to have to get one and put it in the kitchen.

    Clint I would suggest you take Cindy out to lunch to make up for her loss of her dinner though, that might get you back in the good books! ;-)


  10. Doggone it, Clint. How CAN you be so mean?

    FUNNY - but really really mean. :)

  11. I am with you Clint, I would have wanted to finish eating as well!

  12. yeah ...I can see your point but still...poor Cindy! That said, I'm going to look into getting a small fire extinguisher for my kitchen. Thanks for the tip! God bless you both.

  13. Yay for me, I have now learned to use a fire extinguisher! While Nero was fiddling (Clint eating his shrimp po boy), Cindy was learning a new life skill!

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  15. LOL I had peeked in on your blog yesterday at work...wrong thing to do ....it was so funny my super ask me what are you giggling about Rhonda....duh...uhm.... well uhmmm.... I had to come clean ....! Thankful all that was truly lost was a toaster....and I'm sure Cindy had to eat a bit of Clint's man thoughts....to the man cave you go ..... LOL

  16. I think I agree with Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All's well that ends well I guess. What happened to the toaster to make it do that. I have a fire extinguisher, but I better see if it is still good. Glad you guys are safe. sandie