Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Diary.......

Well, here we are in late March and the weather is balmy when it is supposed to be blustery.  We missed out on winter.  Not even one snow or ice storm.  Mother Nature is just as unpredictable as any other woman, I guess.  Ha.

How is it that I continue to work out, lift weights, do my cardio and still manage to GAIN weight?  Must be old age.  My grandmother used to say "old age is a terrible thing".  She only lived to be a hundred years old, so I suppose she knew a thing or three about it.  I dunno---is it possible to be fat and in shape at the same time?

I see where more guns were sold in the last three months in this country than in all of last year.  A high percentage of the new gun purchasers are women.  I think I'll be more careful when I talk to the fairer sex from now on.  Ya never know, ya know?

Grandson Canyon is spending the day with us and I never saw so much energy in my life.  My gosh I'm glad my child rearing days are long since over.  I love my grandson but dogs are a lot easier.

I still haven't met one set of next door neighbors.  Wouldn't know 'em if I saw 'em at the grocery store.

While we're talking about neighbors, we've certainly got an eclectic grouping around here.  There are a couple of retired couples on our street---one couple spends their time gossiping about everyone else.  The other couple spends their time talking about all their possessions---their sun room, their boat, their new cars.  Gawd.

The next-door neighbors on the other side of us are so nice.  Their kids have MANNERS---totally unheard of in this day and age.  Same thing is true of the family across the street from us.  It's a joy to be around unassuming, accomplished and humble folks.

As I type this out, Canyon is going full speed ahead in the kitchen, yelling non-stop---sounds like jibberish to me---running all over the place.  He has driven Cindy into a state of exhaustion.  Ha.

I was embarrassed over the past three weeks...the unseasonably warm weather caused the lawns in this area to sprout like they are on steroids.  Especially the weeds.  Yikes!  I was the talk of the neighborhood, I am sure.  I called Tru-Green to come out and DO SOMETHING, but they haven't been able to apply any chemicals yet because it has been raining every day.  I will say, however, that we have some of the finest specimens of dandelions ever seen.  I may donate a few to the Knoxville Botannical Society.

I should do a post sometime on our bird feeder out back.  I keep it stocked with a blend of wild bird seed, and it has become the favorite watering hole in these parts.  It's great to sit there, not six feet away, from inside our den, and observe the shenanigans as the feathered creatures feed.

We got every kind of sparrow, dove, cowbird, blackbird, red-winged blackbird, grackle, downy and hairy woodpeckers, bluejay, oriole, wren, bluebird, cardinal, robins (the robins won't get on the feeder but instead feed on the ground underneath it), and so on and on.....  I love watchin' 'em.

Woman says we're having chicken casserole tonight.  Man, can she cook.  Her casseroles are just great.  And I saw her makin' some corn bread to go with it.  Oh, Lordy.



  1. Have a great weekend, Clint.That meal sounds like a perfect way for it to begin. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. With the good rains, comes the plague of the weeds. I've pulled up some in the last few days that could choke a horse. Y'all's supper sounds great- enjoy!

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  4. It was fun to get into your diary, of course there were not many surprises since we have discussed most of what you had written. BT
    W, the corn bread was made for the dressing. I'm making what you and I call "Dessie's" chicken and dressing. Now I have to make some mashed potatoes and cook some green beans.

  5. Have a good week-end Clint, yes the weather has been barmy everywhere. It's good to be back albiet having eye floaters which is no cure for ......due to age. Why is everything due to age? You're as young as you feel surely.

  6. -)) i become hungry..!! A nice werk end wish i to you and your beautifull family

  7. me thinks your last paragraph answered the ponderance of weight gain. :)

  8. Now Clint, you get out there cut down them dandelions and make some dandelion wine to go with the scrumptions chicken casserole. What, you can't do that????? I bet you could.

  9. Clint,
    We have your take on the neighbors, but I wonder what THEIR take is on you? Just saying.... :)

    Wow, Cindy sounds like a magician in the kitchen. You lucky, dog, you! Have a great weekend.

  10. Clint, you done got it made! Entertainment, exercise, and good cookin'. Life is goood!

  11. Grandchildren are a blessing we had our oldest grandson Blain here last night and it was great having him here we use to have him here one night a week until he started school so now we don't have him very often and we miss him. It will be the same when Leo starts school next year and we will miss him then too even if they do exhaust us when they are here........I would love to have our granddaugher here for a night but her mum says no not yet........

    In answer to the question can you be in shape and overweight yes you can in my opinion

  12. LOL! You have a great weekend Clint!

  13. I'd say you have the best life.. Well done to Cindy also for cooking. I am also glad I can give my grandchildren back. I am beyond it also.. We have three dogs and they are good kids..

  14. Clint casserole AND cornbread, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but either the casserole or the bread, not both. So nope, it's not old age, it's that wonderful cooking your wife does for you. My best guess anyways.

    I'm also glad that I'm done raising small children, I don't have the energy to do it full time anymore... well not unless I had to then I know I'd find it in myself. But aren't grandchildren just the best therapy in the whole world?

    The gossip is insecure, the braggarts have no idea what a self-fulfilled life is (see I paid attention in my psyc classes LOL) and I'm glad there's some people out there who still raise well mannered children... as I'm sure yours are as well. I'm sure proud of mine!

    Have a wonderful week and remember not both, maybe the casserole and a salad with a low fat dressing... just my thoughts! ;-)

  15. Regarding your comment on my post for Trayvon: I will pray that somewhere in your soul you will understand what's going on here. And I will pray for you.

  16. I loved this diary entry. It was like we were right there : )
    P.S. I think you are in trouble with Inger.

  17. We did miss winter and yes growing old is not for sissies. Maybe people are getting guns before it is illegal? Lol sandie

  18. Oh`s so different at your new place with your neighbors. I remember how much fun you have had at your old place.

    Bird watching is one thing I love too....but at your place it must be more fun when I read the different type-names of the birds. Bluejays and cardinals are my favorite, and I loved to feed them with peanuts in the shell. It was fun watching them opening the nut.

    Have a beautiful sunday and take care.

    Greetings to you and Cindy

  19. Clint it is good to find time bird watching. I see you are getting use to your new area, and neighborhood. I have found the same thing here, last year I was so busy with the garden, I didn't have time to really talk to neighbors. This past year..well Thank God for Sally

  20. Clint you are so funny I love your brand of humour. B

  21. fun post, clint. you could eat those dandelion greens, they're great for your liver. weeds shmeeds, i say. what a waste of money and energy to fight them. it's a racket, the lawn care business. what good is land if it's doused in chemicals and you can't eat from it? i don't care what my neighbors think - i love my organic lawn!=)

  22. I would love to miss out on winter.
    Ah!! the children that keeps us grandparents busy sometimes and us wondering how we managed keeping up to own children.