Friday, March 2, 2012

But.....What About Leather?.......

It is politically incorrect these days---even to the point of violence---to wear natural furs such as mink.

But...what about leather? 

coats, shoes, belts, handbags, jackets, boots.......


  1. Wow, such an excellent question! So, "they" must wear plastic shoes? Polyester jackets? he he

  2. Ohhhhh Good Point! Darn! Now I won't ever feel right about donning my leather jacket again. ;) Have a good weekend!!

  3. That's true, that the point people forget.

    Have a beautiful weekend dear friend


  4. Leather is a by-product created during the slaughter of animals. For fur animals are bred or killed unnecessarily. That's sad, but true.
    Greetings Sabine

  5. A good question Clint, now for the answers......


  6. so leather is we eat the meat?

  7. Yeah I have a daughter who doesn't like to wear leather because of that fact, but I am of the opinion of Sabine that if the animal isn't kill just for it's skin it is different.....

  8. Hey, fairdinkum, that is so true!!!! I had never thought about leather in that way..
    It reminds me how a chubby over-eating Christian can look down on another who has a glass of wine.. Yet Jesus said "neither gluttons or drunkards..."
    We see somethings and not others..AMAZING!

  9. Oh Clint!


    i do not have trouble with this question (for once) I like (well like might be a big word, it all depends on the coat and the person who wears it) both but i do not own either one of them!

    Glad to be back here seeing you posting good questions!
    Big hugs

  10. Interesting!
    Where I live no one has taken any notice when I have worn leather or mink. However mink if you have one is worn only on a cold evening to certain functions...leather worn more often both day and evening.

    Regarding your last post re-bible.....I read the bible all of it in 2008 when traveling (in the evenings, I even surprised myself :)

  11. So we go "naked"....uhmmm it is going to be a frightful view I am afraid....Adam and Eve had the glory of God as their covering but then they traded it for deception and here we are now arguing over fur and cowhide! wink wink

  12. i agree. everyone is so anti fur but hardly mention leather jackets, crocodile handbags and etc...