Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Proper Education.......

In thinking back over my life experiences, it seems to me that I was exposed to a pretty good, all-around education.  Did I make the most of it?  No.  I was too darned immature to study or take anything very seriously until I was several years out of college.  By then, of course, I was working a job, and any further education came at my own expense.  Sometimes, that is the best way to learn something---on your own, with motivation coming from within.

When I began thinking of what a young person of 22 years should know before they enter the wild and wooly world, I was pretty surprised to discover how looooong my list was becoming. I originally thought there might be a dozen or so subjects.  But, in my mind, subjects just kept coming to me that I couldn't ignore.

See what you think (this list is designed for American students ages 5 through 22).......

---English and English Literature, every year, including Grammar, Punctuation, Poetry,Writing, Shakespeare, Literary Giants, etc...

---Mathematics, every year, including fractions, percentages, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry (1 year), algebra ( 2 years)

---Four years of World History

---Six Years of American History

---Four years of Geography

---Two Years of Astronomy

---Two Years of Military Science

---Four years Foreign Language

---One year each Biology, Geology, Sociology, Chemistry

---Two years of Psychology

---One Year of Probability (Statistics)

---One Year of Political Science

---Two years of Art Appreciation

---Six years Public Speaking

---Four years of World Religions, with emphasis on one's preference

---Ten years of Manners and Social Etiquette

---Two years of Culinary Arts, including Nutrition

---Twelve years of Physical Fitness, including emphasis on team and individual sports

---Four Years of Music, Musical Instrument and Choir

---One Year How to Dress for Business

---Twelve Years of Computer Skills

---Two Years of Dance

---Classes on Understanding Chess and Poker

---Classes on Human Physiology and Sexuality

---Classes on Driver's Education

---Classes on First Aid

Give me your thoughts!  Agree?  Disagree?  What did I leave out?  What should I have included?


  1. I kinda think the real education starts at 22-40. All that other stuff is just the warmup ;)

  2. I think your list sums up what we ought to learn. Me? I hated school, all I was interested in was music. My most hated subject was......Poetry and poets. How times do change?

  3. Very thought provoking subject!

    To your listing of, "4 years of World Religion with emphasis on one's preference", I would hope some emphasis would be on the Islam religion, the 2nd largest denomiation in the world.

    Personal Finance/Money Management: There seems to be a great need for this, I don't think this is usually taught at home.

    The Care and Proper Feeding of Children 101

  4. Good list! But finance has to be in there. It's a big one. My degree is in Biochemistry so of course I must recommend it.

  5. my gosh that is a good list! Am still amazed that you remembered all of them!

    big hugs

  6. Clint, I believe in life-long learning; it never stops.
    your Anonymous blogger friend - Carol

  7. This is a great list, and I'm seconding the one from Cindy about the proper care and feeding of children- Amen to that!

  8. Oh my goodness, I'm going to have to stay in school until I have 10 more of these learned! And that's with life experiences.

    My first thoughts were take away the computer and teach children how to communicate, we have ample ways of communicating today but nobody talks anymore. That's where I'd start. I detest seeing in university classes the cell phones are out, people are texting and not paying any attention, the actual classroom isn't the type of "education" the children of today need, they need real life experience. I think that all children should have to get out in the world, work for minimum wage, save up at least half of their tuition so that when they actually get to university they might show some interest in getting THEIR monies worth and actually learn something. As the old saying goes: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." We can pay all the tuition we want to but we can't make our children learn.

    Ooops, where's empathy on your list? And classes on anti-oppression and one on giving a damn?

    Have a great day Clint!

  9. A good list....and I do believe one that could go on and on and on....
    Learning is never ending.

  10. I think your list is a good one. You could add how to raise children... sandie

  11. I love astronomy- we didn't have that in school. Just planets. No dance, chess or poker either. Unfortunately human physiology and sexuality have become a very strange thing these days. I think you covered it! But like most I snoozed through school. I never read a book in grade school. Then in college I learned I had to get reading glasses. Hahaha best learning after shool.

  12. Iam back my friend. Hope you are feeling good.

    Take care and greetings

  13. Darlin is so right and I agree with her opinion!!

    Greetings, dear Clint

  14. Grammar and Punctuation might need two a day classes. Texting has crippled the American teen in that respect.
    Super list. Given the proper finances, I would have been a professional student by choice.
    Arkansas Patti

  15. Great list! I would add truck driver :-)

    Take care and have a nice day :-)

    Thanks for your recent comment on My Blog

  16. Hi Clint -

    Interesting list with essential topics...

    What a thrill about the LIFETIME of serving and worshipping Almighty GOD, and then to get the bonus reward of eternity with Him!

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