Sunday, October 23, 2011


My New Phone
After a couple of years of putting it off and trying to rationalize why I should ditch my stoneage flip cell phone for an up-to-date smartphone, I finally caved and took the plunge this week.
My Old Clunker
It took me so long to make this decision because A) I don't need a smartphone and B) it costs more to upgrade.

But, long story short, I wanted one.

Mostly, it's my daughter's fault.  She kept telling me how I was becoming out of touch.  I wasn't able to text, which is all the rage now.  My grandson couldn't communicate with me the way kids communicate these days.

And besides, she showed me her phone, which can connect to the internet and social networks and stream videos and take pictures and display weather and breaking news and play music and so much more, and I wanted one even though I don't need it.

So the nice lady at the phone store showed me several models and the Cinderoo and I each got a Samsung Mesmerize with a family plan that allows us to become part of the 21st century. 

I have spent the past few days trying to learn how to use the little bugger.  It really is a phenomenal invention.  Of course, you all know that already, since you undoubtedly already have one.  So forgive my euphoria and childish excitement. 

I don't have to take my computer with me on short trips any more.  The little rascal has a GPS unit built into it, so I can just tell it to give me directions to wherever, and a soothing lady's voice guides me there.  The weather and the news are at my fingertips.  I now receive texts.  Hey!---I'm connected!


  1. You will. Love it! You won't know how you ever got along without it. I love mine and this is from someone who doesn't even have a refrigerator ;) the keys are way to small, my only complaint.

  2. ahhh the
    Ciao Clint,good sunday!

  3. i finally gave in to this 'luxury' item last month too. i do have to say, getting emails and texts are great.

  4. Yes, I'm happy we have made another move to join the 21st century. I am loving our news phones, too. Tomorrow will be the day we will officially wean ourselves from our old "clunkers" when I make the call to AT&T to end our service with them. Funny the company did not even make contact with us when our contract ended in August. Right now I know how to answer a call, make a call and have added my contacts, most of them anyway. It was a little bit of an odd feeling to not add so many old contacts but as they say ... life goes on and we move foreward.

    Goodness, I'm on a roll this morning ♥

  5. As my daughters would say - they have all these cool "aps". That is the real beauty. Now, go get you some.

  6. hehe i don't have a smartphone, at least i don't think i do, beings i don't know what a smart phone is! though i have been texting for 10 years now, and can check the weather on my phone.=)

    very cool that your grandson can now text his ol' grandpa.=)

  7. Congrats - I haven't got one yet - but I too am thinking about taking the leap! sandie

  8. Must upgrade from my old clunker. It's past it's use by date. A most smart looking phone.

  9. john just informed me that i do in fact have a smart phone. phew! if grandparents were getting them before me, than i'd really have a reason to feel old!=)

  10. Congrats Clint...nice phone and toy :-))) Over here I still have a old handy, only to make a call or to get calls. That's all.

    It's crazy what these new phones are able to give.

    Beautiful start in the new week and greetings

  11. Congratulations for taking the 'leap' and moving forward with toys :) I am sure you won't be disappointed. Good on you for having a go, many wouldn't and won't!

  12. Congrats on your modern technology phone Clint. Acyually I have an Iphone and can't get go very well with it. I find it great for retrievong emails but as for speaking on it my ear gets very hot whether it is a quick call or slughtly longer.

  13. Soothing lady's voice sounds like you got a deal.

  14. Congrats!

    I have had an iPhone for almost a year now. OH MY WORD I love it!!! SO convenient.

  15. Enjoy your new phone. I'm back and checking in on the lives of all my blogger friends. I didn't have a computer all summer long, so I communed with nature, critters, our garden, and most of all my husband and our dogs. It was a beautiful summer even without the internet.

  16. I once had a phone as your old clunker. But a smart phone is heavy. A big display. I love it.
    Greetings Sabine

  17. Welcome to the 21st century Clint, someplace I'm not at yet. These new phones intimidate me and I have to more really good excuses for not getting updated, well 3 good reasons.

    1. My current cell phone has a small keyboard and functions just fine for texting, which I do a lot of.

    2. I'm going to Australia for 5 months so why do I want to pay monthly for a service I'm not using.

    3. I don't know how to use them!

    I'm looking at the newest iPhone for when I get back from my trip, I might as well take the plunge, if I need help sorting through it I now know who to ask! :-)

    Enjoy your week!

  18. Really I know the difference between two, to, and too... typo! lol

  19. Hi Clint -


    Does the Smartphone make you smarter? - smiles

    I'm not inclined but certainly am pleased that you are delighted with your purchase.

  20. Oh, my goodness. You put me to shame. I still have my flip phone. I keep telling myself...someday. Someday.