Friday, October 14, 2011


I drank my coffee and read the paper this morning; and then, as   usual, I felt a gnawing in my gut that signaled the onset of hunger pangs. 

Without even thinking, I arose and ventured to the fridge.  Peering inside, I spied a container of homemade tuna salad---there was just enough remaining to be used in the construction of a sandwich.  Perfect, I thought to myself.

I found the mayo in the back of the fridge, hiding from me as it always does.  Now, all I needed was two decent slabs of bread, and breakfast would be complete.

But......where the heck was the bread?  It wasn't in the pantry.  It could not be found on the countertops. 

Then, it hit me---throughout our marriage, the bread has been a point of contention. 

Woman believes (she got this from her momma) that bread should be stored in the freezer.  That's right---every time you want some bread, you gotta go to the freezer, find the loaf that is, of course, unusable because it is a frozen solid mass, remove it, pry two pieces of bread from the mass, being careful to not break any of it in its brittle state, place the two slabs in the microwave for 20 seconds (or in the toaster for two minutes), and then return the bread to either the freezer or the pantry.  NOTE:  if you decide to put the bread in the pantry, you will find that the bread will thaw and become soggy.

Now, to me---a simple man with a simple outlook---bread should not be kept in the freezer unless it will not be used for a long period of time.  But I use bread all the time---sandwiches are a quick and easy way to satisfy one's hunger. 

But, my wife has this deeply ingrained neurotic insistence on placing the bread in the freezer.  This, I have determined, has its roots in her upbringing, where her momma practiced this odd behavior.  I checked with Cindy's sister, Patti, and found that she, too, has a freezer fetish for her bread.  Apparently, this condition has no remedy.  After all these years of marriage, I have been unable to change her behavior in this regard.

So, I guess you can say that I am now "trained".  I made my sandwich and then put the bread back in the freezer.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.....


  1. I never could understand the freezer and bread. I don't like cold bread especially from the freezer and not fun to thaw and hope bread stays in shape to make the sandwich. My parents or at least my mom and grandmother would put bread in freezer if there was extra. When going to say Subway I do not like my bread toasted. Sandwiches, in my opinion, should not be on toasted bread unless you are making grilled cheese. Have a good day! Sometimes we must follow to keep a happy home. :)

  2. ROFL...sorry but I couldn't help but get a chuckle out of your dilemma, tho not such a big deal. I am surmising that your wife bakes FRESH bread or her Mama did, and keeping it in the freezer especially in the summer heat, kept it from molding. In the summer, I am guilty of keeping fresh baked bread in the frig. At least it lasts more than a couple days~~~we, however, are like you, Clint. We eat far too much of it and need it handy, on the counter or in the breadbox, (That IS why they came up with a breadbox, to store bread, right? )~~~today's best breads taste and are homemade quality, but the store specials are usually so full of preservatives, they would last for weeks on the counter.
    anyways, like you say, If you can't beat'em, join'em. Thanks for the chuckle.

  3. My mother keeps the bread in the fridge, too...ha grandmother, too.
    I am not eating bread, so I don't have this problem!
    Happy weekend, my friend!

  4. Sorry Cindy, I have to agree with Clint on this one. Bread kept in the freezer is a little weird.

    Clint, thanks for your recent comment on my blog & be sure and have a nice weekend. :-)

  5. Okay - first of all - tuna for breakfast???

    Secondly - it is okay to have his and her breads - teehee.

    Enjoy it.


  6. Ok, Clint, I agree with Cindy here. I keep bread in the freezer, as does my mom, and my grandmas before me. Much less waste, and you still get a good sandwich!

  7. Hahaha...I keep mine in the freezer too!
    Smart you for just joining along;)

  8. Never heard of bread in the freezer (unless you're storing it for a long while).

    I keep it in the fridge, and it stays fresh enough without getting moldy. Why put bread in the freezer if you're going to eat it soon? The fridge is just as good and does the same purpose. Hmmmmm....

  9. well, i keep mine in the fridge - but that's just because of Texas' hot summers and it's tendancy to mold before i can finish a loaf...

  10. Clint, Clint, Clint..... in all these years of being on earth, you would think you would know by now. The Wife is ALWAYS right. There, problem solved.;)

  11. I keep mine in the fridge too, because of the weather. I have only Baguette pieces in the freezer, in case I want to make some Tapas for friends, and so the bread tastes fresh.

    Have a beautiful weekend and keep your bread fresh :-)))))


  12. There is one good thing about frozen bread, Clint. If you are going on a picnic you can make your sandwiches with the frozen bread and they will still be cold when you arrive at your picnic destination. Could it be that Cindy want's you to take her on picnics and frozen bread is her way of hinting at it???? :)
    Carol B.

  13. In the freezer? Never the bread I'm's in the bread box...

  14. I never put mine in the freezer but each to their own.

    Have a wonderful week-end.

  15. You are a smart man. I usually keep a loaf in the freezer just incase I run out of fresh. It is not a quick trip to the grocery store for me.
    I can thaw the whole loaf and leave it out. It stays good for me. I do buy whole wheat.
    Arkansas Patti

  16. LOL I am in agreement with Chatty Crone ...His and Her Bread and uggg Tuna for breakfast ....

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  18. You can have your loaf and your wife can have her loaf!
    Some places in Australia (mainly in remote areas) when you buy fresh bread you have to buy frozen bread, there is no choice.
    This frozen bread is sold as fresh bread.
    I suppose it's fresh from the freezer :)

    Had to delete the first comment as I forgot to apply a few words...too much laughter I expect :)

  19. I so totally empathise. I'm married to the same woman. All our bread also remains in the freezer for all of it's unnatural life only to be removed in a state of emergency. It seems to make little sense to me as our family goes through almost a loaf a day! Therefore refrigeration seems somewhat futile and an inconvenience. An interesting blog and dilemma! As men we must unite and stand together!

  20. I bet you both use less bread that way : )
    Gives a little time to re-think the sandwich.

  21. I've never heard of such a thing! My family always kept it in the frig or on the counter. : ) It's interesting to hear how different people do things.

  22. Clint. Bread in the freezer is not a neurosis. It may be different, but not a mental condition :)

    Do you think this might be a regional thing? Humid places, put the bread in the freezer to keep the mold out?

  23. You are the second man who is "trained" to adjust to the style of the Mrs. The other is my brother. My husband stopped swearing because I could not deal with it. My father was agsinst it. other than that adjustment, no sie, not a single one. i am, like the majority of women is the one to adjust. Hi this is Munir from Focus !

  24. Clint - I'm with the lady above who opined that it is okay to have "his 'n her" breads. :)

    But tuna for breakfast??? You need help!

  25. After 43 years of marriage I have learned this "If momma's happy, then everyone is happy!" Great post. God bless, Lloyd