Sunday, October 16, 2011

Collective Nouns, Revisited.......

A while back I posted a list of collective nouns for groups of animals.  Today, I thought it might be fun to make up some collective nouns of my own for groups of people.  I had some fun with this.  Can you think of some appropriate collective nouns for  specific groups of people?

---A Profit of businessmen
---A Glass Ceiling of businesswomen
---A Polling of politicians
---A Keystone of cops
---A Blaze of firemen
---A Location of real estate agents
---A Trickery of lawyers
---A Flu of Physicians
---A Giggle of comedians
---A Lasso of cowboys
---A Stench of garbage collectors
---A Creel of fishermen
---A Gospel of preachers
---A Nosy of neighbors
---A Return of tax collectors
---A Flush of plumbers
---A Rumble of motorcyclists


  1. A gradebook of teachers
    A palette of artists
    A clutch of truckdrivers
    A string of guitar players

  2. A crop of farmers
    A clergy of ministers
    A delivery of posties
    A fare of taxi drivers

  3. A parcel of postmen/postwomen

    A number of accountants

    A clip of barbers

    An opening of locksmiths

    A bloom of florists

    A palatte of artists

    A lot of homebuilders

    A medium of psychics

    A vocal of singers

  4. Very good Clint, sorry I am not so clever as you and the others. I couldn't think of anything


  5. All I can come up with is -
    a healing of nurses. Good night, I am off to work.

  6. clever! i can't think of one! =(

  7. a beat of drummers? john said no.

  8. john insists that i contribute "a pinch of tweezers." we're just not very good at this.=)

  9. This was such an enjoyable post...

    how about:

    a babble of words
    a glass of marbles

    and here's a cute one - an absence of waiters. Not original though, I saw it when I googled Collective Nouns after reading your post!

  10. A fun Post Cliff. I certainly needed this. Thanks
    - Munir

  11. early in the morning and I need a coffee :-)))

    Have a beautiful start in the new week.


  12. Clint the glass ceiling of business women needs to be renamed! lol It should be called the open beam ceiling, no restrictions and no more disadvantages for women in the business world for women... just my final late night thought.

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Well, I think is nice...
    I wish you a great week and my best regards from Romania!

  14. I'm still to jet lagged to come up with any thhing to add to your great and humorous list. I'll do better after some sleep. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  15. Now those made me smile! :)

    But me thinks you need a job or something, because clearly you have too much time on your hands. Just saying....
    :) Marsha

  16. Interesting...but my brain can't think very quickly that way!

  17. That's funny. Habe a nice week. Greetings Sabine

  18. a flurry of snowmen
    a spark of welders
    stitches of seamstress'
    a grill of chefs
    fun brainstorming....

    You're crazy, Man. You remind me of myself with far too much time on my hands...
    must take a walk in the dark woods and become nocturnal. Then what fun come Halloween.