Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Would You Share a Foxhole With....?

I'm an army vet and have been around, you know?....

And last night before bed my mind began to wander as it often does before the Land of Nod claims my being.  I was thinking about the sad state of our nation and the many personages who contribute to its sorry standing.  Most of them, of course, are politicians.  Hell, everyone knows you can't trust them.

I was thinking about how soldiers are often required to spend considerable time in foxholes and how important it is to have a buddy you can fully trust to be there with you.  If you can't trust the guy next to you when the attack comes, you are in for a miserable---and perhaps final---firefight.

And I got to thinkin'---who in today's news would I be happy to share a foxhole with---you know---someone of great character, who I can trust, who tells the truth, who I trust to have my back as I have his....

First, who on the current scene would I NOT share a foxhole with?

(List is not all inclusive---not nearly enough space or time for that here.  Ha.)

1.  Lance Armstrong (Lies, Cheats, and Snitches on Others)
2.  Barack Obama (Lies, Denies, and Blames the Other Guy)
3.  Joe Biden  (There Ain't No Cure for Stupid)
4.  NYC Mayor Bloomberg  (Hypocrite of the First Magnitude)
5.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ( See 1, 2 and 4 Above)
6.  Colin Powell (US Army Gen, RET---Can't Trust 'im)
7.  NJ Gov Chris Christie  (He Forgets Whose Side He's On)
8.  Sen. Harry Reid  (See 3 Above)
9.  Sen Maj Ldr John Boehner  (Too Weak to Trust)
10.Former Senator Newt Gingrich  (Too Confused from Overthinking Every Situation)
11.Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, et al  (See 2 above)
12.Anyone from the Lamestream Media (See 2, 4, 6, 9, 10 Above)

Who Would I share a Foxhole With?

I'll get back to you on that one.


  1. Good question Clint, now I'm thinking about this.

    What the heck is wrong with politicians? Are they born liars or learn how to master the art along the way?

  2. Whew! Sad state of affairs. I would want to share a foxhole with only Y♥U!

  3. I did not realize that you had a negative "list". Sorry

    I used to get A plus plus in Political Science in college. Now Politics is my least favorite subject.

  4. Given that most fox holes that I have ever read about (not that I have ever actually been IN one) are dirty, cold (or very hot) and very uncomfortable - I would only want to be in there with someone that I REALLY liked - a lot!

    That, my friend, would be a pretty short list. :) Just sayin'