Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Marital Conversation.......

Woman and I went to the grocery store yesterday to provision with staples for the remainder of the week here at the beach.  As we entered the market, she told me to be sure to pick up anything I might like for myself as we shopped.

As I pushed the shopping cart, following her, I would occasionally mention a product that I might enjoy.  The rolling conversation went like this:

Me:  Hey!---those avocadoes look good!  I could make us some guacamole....

Cindy:  Honey, we'd have to buy ten of them to get that good price.  We can't eat that much in a week.


How about a chocolate candy bar?  That'd be good after dinner.

Honey, you know you'd regret it if you ate that.


Can we get some of those pre-cooked sausage patties?  They're so much easier to prepare...

I really prefer the kind I make myself.  By the time you heat those up for 7 or 8 minutes, you really don't save much time.  Plus, they cost more...


How about these raw shrimp?  They look pretty good, and this would save us a trip to the seafood market...

I think we'll just go to the seafood market.  I think the shrimp are fresher at the seafood market.


Hey!---I found some of that Old Bay seasoning you've been looking for!  (at this point I thought I was gonna be her hero because she had been saying how hard it was to find this product)

She looked at the package and said:

No---this is the low sodium kind.  I really need the normal kind.


Here are the batteries you said you need  (again---gonna be her hero)

Oh, honey---those are not the rechargeable kind I need.


As we were approaching the check-out line, she said:

Are you sure you didn't see anything you want?  Anything at all?


  1. Wow, when you walk the line, you have one foot on either side! That's why i hate shopping!

  2. Oh, I had to laugh. This is echoed in homes all across America, I think~

  3. It's funny how after a lot of items brought up you were still asked if you did not want anything.. at all.. :)

  4. So whats your problem??!! You have a smart wonderful Woman!!!:))

  5. *laughing*....very interesting conversation


  6. This is really funny :)
    You two remind me of so many couples that go shopping together.