Monday, September 24, 2012

A Conversation All Married People Understand

Yesterday the Cinderoo and I motored to Myrtle Beach.  It is a leisurely 8 hour drive from our home in Knoxville.  It was a clear and cool morning as we headed southeast on the interstate through the Smoky Mountains north of Asheville, NC.

As the temperature dropped while driving through the mountains, it caused a glare as the sunlight hit the windshield.  Apparently, there was a film on the inside surface of the windshield that really created a glare when the sunlight hit the cold surface.  This made it difficult to see!

The Conversation:

Me:  I cleaned the windshield!  I don't understand this glare!

Her:  What did you clean it with?

Rainex Cleaner

Well, you cleaned the outside of the windshield---not the inside where the film is

I didn't think I had to clean the inside

It is the inside that is dirty

But it looked clean when I was cleaning the outside

You should have cleaned the inside

I know that now, but at the time it looked clean

You can't always tell just by looking

OK, next time I'll clean the inside too

When you told me you were going to clean the windshield, I thought you knew to clean the inside

Well, I didn't.  Can we drop this and move on to another topic?

Next time you think the windshield needs cleaning, let me know and I will clean it.



  1. You failed to mention one Very Important Fact: We could NOT see the road the last time we drove through the Asheville mountains?

    A funny blog post!

  2. LOL how wonderful is that! Sounds familiar. :)

  3. Enjoyed the post Clint, have a great time.


  4. yesterday:

    me: can you empty all the waste baskets before you take the trash out?

    john: which ones?

    me: the one next to your desk and in both the bathrooms. (duh!)

    just now:

    downstairs bathroom waste basket is overflowing.

    me: you didn't empty the waste basket in here?

    john: huh? what? oh, i forgot. but i did take the trash out!

    HA! the story of my life.=)

  5. Oh yes...sounds soooo familiar...when will you guys learn??:))

  6. We have lots of conversations that go like that.

  7. LOL yup I'm the "sigh...I'll do it myself then" type of gf.

  8. Thanks to the 2 OKs the conversation has ended. It's funny to realize that these are "normal" conversations that take place between a lot of married couples :)