Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dear Diary.......A Sampling From August 6

I mentioned yesterday that I have been keeping a daily diary, in which I outline events of the day and voice my personal feelings/opinions on same.

Thought maybe you'd enjoy reading a sample entry---this from August 6.  It's pretty typical.  But I must say I could not allow anyone to read my diary until after I've departed this life because I really don't pull any punches when writing my thoughts about people in my life---family, neighbors, friends, acquaintances...did I mention family?

August 6   Monday

Cindy walked early in the 'hood, then worked out at the gym in the early afternoon.  I could never get my body talked into lifting.  Sometimes that happens and I just go with the flow.  Gotta try to do four days of lifting every week, however.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Cindy and I went to Lowe's and got two new toilet seats and a new shower head with a 5' hose for the master bath.  Got it all installed.  Praise the Lord!  The toilets were really filthy down where the old nuts and bolts were located.  They had obviously never been deep cleaned.

Tru-Green showed up and I asked about a new growth of weeds that is sprouting up.  He said the treatment will kill them but that the weeds are coming up because of the additional rain we've been getting.  Got some more rain today.  I ain't complainin'.

Cindy went to Food City after her gym workout.  I stayed home and did the dishes and made the bed.  When she got home from Food City, I was entertained with tales that can only happen to Cindy....

First, as she walked toward the Food City building, a rumbling pickup truck slowly approached her from behind.  She glanced at a grungy looking runt of a redneck (we got lots of 'em here in east Tennessee) who was driving.  He yelled at her as he came alongside..."I wouldn't ha' known ya, sweetheart!"

She said she thought he must be someone she had met previously, but as she looked at the creep, she knew she had never seen him before.  She high-tailed it into the building and did not see Mr Wrong again.

Then, when the little lady came out of the supermarket with her food purchase, she wheeled the cart with her bags of purchases to the car to unload it, when a wildly grinning teenage employee of Food City came running at her while pushing an empty cart.  The idiot ran right into her cart to hook the two carts together so he could take them back inside the store.  There were at least two problems with this....

First, my wife still had four bags of groceries in her cart.  And second, this lunatic just missed hitting her and injuring her.  If I had been there this guy would now be on life support.

Anyway, I knew nothing of this until well after she had returned home, because when she arrived home I was nekkid in the shower giving it a deep cleaning.  While I was scrubbing the shower floor with baking soda and a stiff brush, she was in the other room calling Food City management complaining about the incident.  She said she was put on hold for a long time, and when she did talk with the "manager", she told him what had happened and said that they should investigate how this kid is endangering folks.  She said the manager seemed quite unconcerned at hearing her story.  No apology.  No expression of thanks for reporting the incident.  Cindy finally said in exasperation, "I think he may be mentally ill!".

The manager's response?..... "He is". 

Hey, no kiddin'---I can't make this stuff up.

I have long maintained that Food City is the worst managed supermarket I have ever visited.  Something negative happens every time I go there, which, thank God, is not very often any more, especially since there is a nice, well managed Ingles and Wal-Mart and Kroger right down the road.

Chick-Fil-A sandwich with homemade fries for din-din.


  1. Here I am reliving that 'wonderful' day as I am reading your blog. I was very happy we got something constructive done doing our little home improvement jobs. There is much more to be done but we will get there!

  2. I came, I read, I comiserated with ya'
    I hope you are having a much better day today.
    God bless you both!

  3. Thank goodness Cindy wasn't hurt.

    And well-scrubbed showers are always a good thing. .... As long as someone ELSE does the scrubbing. :)

  4. Wow, what ever happened to customer service? With all of these huge chains they don't seem to care about the customer any more.

    Cindy I'm glad to hear you weren't physically injured, Clint I'm also glad you weren't there or you'd be posting from jail! lol

    You two put a huge smile on my face, thank you.

    Have a wonderful week!