Wednesday, August 15, 2012

4:00 AM At The Workout Center.......

Sometimes I awaken early.  Like 3:00 or 3:30ish.  If I am sure I can't go back to sleep, I make myself arise, brush my teeth, put on my gym shorts and head to the workout facility.

It doesn't happen often---maybe once or twice a month---but I really like getting to the gym very early before hardly anyone else.  I can just take my time as I go from station to station, methodically completing my lifts.

This morning I was at the gym at 4:20.  There were only two others already there working out.   They were female.  And they are the ones who are always there on those occasions I arrive very early. 

One of the ladies is in her late twenties, I am guessing.  She is severely thin---maybe 70 pounds or so.  My guess is that she will not live much longer because of malnutrition.  Yet, she is present at the gym for hours every early morning, laboring on one of the treadmills.  I cringe when I see her.  And I feel so very sorry for her. 

The other lady appears to be around sixty years old.  She also is briskly walking on a treadmill.  She is stooped in the back, as if she suffers from scoliosis or some such affliction.  I feel sorry for her, too, but I also admire her for her determination to be in the best physical condition possible.  After she walks on the treadmill, she visits several weight stations and lifts for a while before leaving.

For maybe thirty minutes or so, I am the only man in the place.  I've got it to myself and I like it because I can just take my time. 

Four sets each on the rowing pulleys, chest press, butterfly, shoulder press, shoulder raise, triceps, biceps, abs and leg press.  It takes me 90 minutes.  Total amount lifted:  75,680 pounds.

Along around  5:15, the place starts to fill up.  Most of the newcomers head for the treadmills.  Some of the men arrivals go to the free weights or machines. 

The last thing I always do before I depart for home is wash my hands.  On my way out the door, the anorexic lady continues her march on the treadmill.


  1. Sounds like your day got off to a wonderful start. I bet you had a healthy breakfast afterwards and have been enjoying a wonderful day with Cindy. I wish you many more.

  2. You know my husband gets up early I am going to suggest this to him.

    And I pray for that poor girl - I don't know how ones mind gets like that.

    And kudos to the other woman.

    And how GREAT you are doing it.


  3. Cindy wrote me about this early early is ok but workout *smiling* I was wondering that the gym is open so early in the morning.


    Greetings and take care

  4. Proud of you for getting it done so early! Maybe one morning your sleepy sweet wife can get her rear up and join you! :-)

  5. My, that is early but as you mentioned it's not everyday etc.
    I don't like to see women so thin, they need a bit of meat on them :)