Sunday, May 12, 2013

Honoring my 90 Year Old Mom on Mother's Day.......

                            My Mom at a recent Birthday Party

What a ride it has been!  Today is your day, mom!  Thanks for all the joys, tears, learning, and fun!  I love you so much!

                       Taken a Couple of Years Ago in Her Apartment

                                       Mom and Me, 2011

                               Mom and Dad, Circa 1944

  Mom Swimming With the Dolphin, "Picasso" in Florida, 2009

Mom Pouring, Circa 1956  L--R  Dad, Mom, Family Friend Horace.  Yes, Mom Has Always Been a Character.  Ha.

                  Mom, Senior Picture in Yearbook, Circa 1940

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!  And lots of love!!!

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