Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Performance Reviews.......

I have been retired from employment for almost three years now.  I like being retired.  The reason I like being retired is because I don't have a boss (other than the Big Guy, of course).

Don't get me wrong---there were some bosses I liked.  But, every boss in every job has one thing in common:  the administration of a performance review to each of their subordinates annually.

I have reflected on the many performance reviews I received.  What sticks in my mind is this:

---Performance reviews are an artificial and uncomfortable vehicle for employee and boss to discuss the past year's performance and get mutual feedback for improved performance

---The "boss" starts the review by producing notes and records obtained over the review period and first telling the employee which areas of work are, in his/her opinion, progressing well.  This, conventional wisdom dictates, puts the subordinate at ease and encourages meaningful discussion

---Then, the boss begins to outline those areas of work that, in his/her opinion, need improvement.  Feedback is encouraged, but the boss really is only interested in the employee agreeing with the boss on all matters.  Woe be it to the poor slob who thought the boss was serious when he/she said "How can I help you perform better?"

---I'm a relatively slow learner, so it took me a few early years to understand that the best approach in any review is to completely agree with anything the boss had to say about me.  "You're right, boss man!!" was the best attitude to get through the review quickly and with minimum collateral damage.  Basically, tell 'em what they wanna hear.  Then, go home and kick the hell outta the family dog.

---When an underling is agreeable in a performance review, the underling is deemed to be a "team player".  In other words, the underling does not rock the proverbial boat and the boss sees that worker in a favorable light.  Thinking outside the box is not a desirable trait.

No, I don't miss bosses and reviews and micromanagement of my life.  But I do wish I had a steady income stream.  Ha.


  1. Hey you are a 100% right about this. I used to hate them too and so did my husband.

    They actucally at some of the places I worked - if you did exception you couldn't get a top mark unless they documented why and who wants to do that! lol


  2. So are you telling me there are no performance reviews in retirement??? That might just seal the deal for me to go ahead and jump right into that big R word as soon as I'm eligible~

  3. i agree with you about it being a 'forced' and 'unwelcome' annual chore. unfortunately, some bosses/managers are so inept at giving real feedback during the year, that this is often the ONLY chance an employee has to hear what is thought of them - canned or not.

  4. Man oh man Clint, you hit the nail on the head with this one. LOL
    I've had many a "stupid-visor" tell me I was doing so well and then give me only the bare minimum raise and then I find out others who are known slackers etc. get the full raise just because the boss can. Those slackers are the "yes-men." And, I was one who called em' as I see em" like when the stupid-visor hung patient lanyards in the staff bathroom with a sign to use them for patients. I inquired who did such a "stupid" and "illegal" thing and after some time was told the boss did it, she was not too happy I called her on it and I know that's when she decided to "get me." LOL It was a real battle royal after that day. Glad I am no longer in that position.

  5. My goodness, oh the games people play, every night and every day. Sad that these "games" are involved to make a living.

    The Performance Review from our earthly journey is the most important one.

  6. It's always good to be the own boss


    what's than about the point above?? *laughing*

    Greetings to you and Cinderoo

  7. Enjoy your post Clint. Being retired has its highs and lows.
    I love to be able to travel bit about it and not having to get up at a certain time every day.


  8. Oh dear, the 'Boss'....well only ever had one boss, the remainder of my working life I was the boss :)
    Have heard some good story's about bosses :)

  9. Clint I can't relate to this at all, YET. I've never had a performance report, they don't do that to bar managers where I come from. I can empathize with you, but can't say I've been there.

    I love your new layout, I've been trying to get to all my friends blogs and play catch up and quite a few people are choosing new layouts... maybe it's about high time I modernized mine as well, maybe. lol

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. That sounds awful!! I am glad I never had that.. But I have experienced great bosses and ones who are not so great.

  11. grrrr bosses....I have only had one that I truly thought was fair and just in her decisions and though sometimes tough ..she never lost my respect!

  12. Clint, You just reminded me of ANOTHER reason why I love being retired. :)

    And I used to have to read over 200 performance evals each year. How'd like THAT job?

    Have a great weekend.

  13. I worked in a plant as Transportation Manager. My boss was 1000 miles away. I saw him once a year. E-Mail was our only contact. He didn't even call me on the phone. I asked him about it once ( via E-Mail) and he said if things went bad, he would let me know. Great Post.

  14. Uhmmm have you retired from blogland? Just stopping in to wish you and Cindy and your family a very Happy and Safe Fourth of July....

  15. Yes, retirement certainly is different in many ways.

  16. Send you many greetings ♥

  17. thinking of you. i hope all is well!=)