Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium!.......

Historic Ryman Auditorium in Downtown Nashville at Night
It is Friday Night in Nashville, January 13, 2012.  The Grand Ole Opry is performing tonight in the historic Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville.   There is excitement in the air!

We Arrived Early.  Our Seats Were Where the Two People Are Standing
The Ryman was built in 1892.  It was originally named "Union Gospel Tabernacle".  It was renamed "Ryman Auditorium" in 1904.
Those Benches Got kinda' Hard After Two Hours!
Over the years, this storied landmark has been host to presidents and legendary performers of all genres.  The first sellout crowd at the Ryman occurred in 1911, when Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan  lectured there. 

Minnie Pearl and Hank Williams Live Again!---Welcoming Visitors to The Performance of the Opry
If you visit the Ryman website, you can get a complete review of the incredible history of this remarkable landmark.

We Love Opry Emcee Eddie Stubbs, Seen Here With a Member of Riders In The Sky.  True Story---On Sunday Morning, as We Departed Nashville for Home, Cindy Saw Eddie Stubbs Driving His signature Black 1996 Cadillac as We Passed Him on the Expressway.  How Cool is That?
But, on this night---last Friday---two admirers of country music were thrilled, along with the rest of the crowd, to be a part of the  performance, which featured Riders in the Sky, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Bill Anderson, Jeanne Seeley, The Whites, Connie Smith, Del McCoury, Jean Shepard, Restless Heart and Jesse McReynolds.
The "Rolls Royce of Country Singers", Miss Connie Smith
Vince Gill

Ricky Skaggs
After the two hour concert, which is actually a two-hour radio program that is broadcast throughout the United States and Canada, Cindy and I strolled down Broadway, where the honky tonks were bursting at the seams with revelers.  That night, we slept soundly, with dreams of Hank and Johnny and Loretta.......

Over on Broadway After the Concert, We Stopped in at Ernest Tubb's Famous Record Shop

After the Concert, We Strolled to Printer's Alley, Where Nightlife Used to reign; But Today, It Has Fallen on Lean Times


  1. What an adventure what a fun time ....I promise you I am gonna figure out how to be a fly and hang out with you and have the best times...and see awesome places...

  2. Wow Clint, for a moment I thought you changed your name to Ricky Skaggs.......:) Good day!

  3. Clint this was what I expected, I went to the Ryman to see a TV recording of Daniel then on the Sunday went to the New Grand Ole Oprey where we were allowed to sing on stage, It was a fantastic trip and one I won't forget, did you see the C/W Hall of Fame.? it was a wonderful day there. I met up with a blogger there on my last night and she and her husband took me around to see the sights of Nashville.
    Pleased you enjoyed it as much as I.

  4. Wow... those pictures bring back some happy memories :-)

  5. Sheesh Clint - why don't you get out and have some fun once in awhile. : )

  6. Great visit and thanks for sharing...


  7. What fun! I wanna go to the Grand Ole Opry one day... where's that bucket list of mine? hmmmm I'll look for it when I return from Australia, after all I'm going to be able to cross that one off!

    Have a fantastic weekend Clint!

  8. The one thing about the south is the great culture you have...jealous!

  9. I love Vince Gill. Looks like a FUN time. Who is your favorite country artist? sandie

  10. Clint,
    I can remember winter Saturday nights as a kid, with the lights off waiting to go to sleep, and listening to WSM up here in Michigan. Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Kitty Wells, Lefty Purcell. Good memories.