Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Not Jealous of Jesus...

I wrote this poem after having heard so many stories about guys who couldn't handle the fact that their wives/girlfriends put Jesus first in their lives, ahead of their human relationships. I think it is pretty sad that someone can be so threatened by the faith of a loved one.

She told me she'd love me
With no one above me
Forever through eternity;

But she said that she reckoned
That I'd come in second
If it came down to Jesus and me.

For life's temporary
While stressful and scary
And weighted with uncertainty;

But the next life is calling
With its promise enthralling,
And for all who believe, it is free.

I'm not jealous of Jesus,
For He's here to lead us;
And darling, in heaven we'll be
In today's world together,
Then in His Land forever.....
Thanks to your love for Jesus and me.

(C) Clint Ellison 2006

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